SJCCM 一年一度的聖誕晚會定在12月22日下午五點。彌撒後有聖詠團報佳音, 鼓勵大家留下來欣賞同樂。然後到隔壁 Parish Hall 用晚餐及看精彩的娛興表演。歡迎大家參加,也歡迎邀請家人朋友參加!
12/22 當天購票,票價是每人$10。請注意:沒有網路報名。
聯絡人:Vivian Chu,

Christmas Party 12/22(Sun) 5:00 PM
SJCCM annual Christmas party will be held on 12/22. You, your family, and friends are cordially invited to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus with us. There will be dinner and Christmas show/program.
No online registration. Tickets will be sold at the door for $10 per person the day of the Christmas Celebration.