• Our email list: We’ve renamed our lumenfidei@ email list to sjccm-yag@googlegroups.com to better tie our group identity to our parish SJCCM (especially as that’s where we get our funding from). If you’re not a regular parishioner at SJCCM, you’re still most welcome to join our YAG events!
  • Join our Facebook group: In case you were searching for “Lumen Fidei”, we also renamed our Facebook group to SJCCM Young Adults; you can pin the group to your shortcuts for easy access.
  • Add our Google Calendar: Click the button in the lower right corner to add our events calendar for an easy way to see what’s going on each month!
✨🆕✨ Introducing our SJCCM YAG “Live Bulletin”: tinyurl.com/sjccm-yag

This slide deck is where you can check everything that’s happening in our group. The YAG Core Team will be able to make real time updates on Google Slides (compared to a printed bulletin or email newsletter), so you can always use this same tinyurl to access the latest info. Got a question? You can comment on the slide.

And in case you didn’t know, these are the lovely people who have been organizing YAG events for the past couple months:
YAG Core Team.png
Want to join the YAG Core Team? We’re looking for a few more leaders – let me know if you’re interested!