" He said to them, 'Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.' People were coming and going in great numbers, and they had no opportunity even to eat. " - Mark 6: 31

Nurturing Your Relationships

Your relationship with God is important. Like any relationship, it needs to be nourished with dedicated time and attention in order for it to grow. In order for your relationship with God to mature, continual long-term nurturing needs to occur.

Your relationship with yourself is also important. Scheduling and putting aside a time for your mind, emotion, and spirit is a good way to recharge from daily life. It is a time to pause and discern about our life or about decisions. It is a time to nurture your soul.

Seminars are usually short workshops, usually in one day. Retreats can be longer in time, usually 2-3 days. There are various types of retreats, such as individuals, couples, or groups. There are also retreats with different themes or seasonal.

Events at SJCCM

Here at SJCCM, we can help foster your growth with God and help uplift your spirit. Keep checking back for information on available seminars or retreats. Feel free to go through the material from past events below.


      1. 將臨期避::默示錄中的望德—啟示你我!::鍾子月神父 11/18-11/20
      2. 團體暑期避靜::起來!在基督內共融::歐維禮神父 8/27
      3. 活水編譯小組 CBSC::聖經講座 Bible Seminar::戎利娜修女 8/13 [CBSC / 活水編譯小組]
      4. 中華聖母軍年度避靜::你很特別 You are special::岳偉利修女 8/6
      5. 禮儀講座::林思川神父 7/23
      6. 四旬期避靜::品嚐天主的慈悲—聖言和聖事::徐豐神父 3/5
      7. 慈悲禧年信仰講座 艾立勤神父 1/31
      8. 慈悲禧年信仰講座 翟神父 1/16
      1. 將臨期避靜::向天主開放::姜有國神父
      2. 將臨期避靜::姜有國神父小傳
      3. 家庭生活講座 / 漫談家庭和諧與有效溝通的原則 / 鄭玲惠 女士 作者 Administrator
      4. 工作坊::聖經與名畫::金神父
      5. 工作坊::盧雲的神修::胡國禎神父
      6. 四句期避靜 / 我們渴望的根源 / 歐神父、黃鳳梧女士
      7. 工作坊::小牧童基本技能::鄭玉英女士
      8. 信仰講座::雙翼教會::鄭玉英女士
      1. 家庭生活講座::在困境中找到意義與力量::鄭玉英女士
      2. 信仰講座::祝福與韌力::鄭玉英女士 點擊數: 1196
      3. 將臨期避靜::福傳于華夏(Bring Good News to my people)::韓清平神父
      4. 將臨期工作坊::華夏教會::韓清平神父
      5. 家庭生活講座 / 如何面對人生的重大失落及哀傷 / 鄭玲惠 女士
      6. 家庭生活講座 / 同理心溝通及實際演練 / 鄭玲惠 女士
      7. 家庭生活講座::由家庭幸統觀看人的身心靈成長::鄭玉英女士
      8. 信仰講座::小牧童與信仰團體繁衍::鄭玉英女士