"Tend the flock of God in your midst, overseeing not by constraint but willingly, as God would have it, not for shameful profit but eagerly. Do not lord it over those assigned to you, but be examples to the flock." - 1 Peter 5: 2-3
“你們務要牧放天主托付給你們的羊群;盡監督之職,不是出於不得已,而是出於甘心,隨天主的聖意;也不是出於貪卑鄙的利益,而是出於情願;不是做托你們照管者的主宰,而是做群羊的模範”- 伯多祿前書 5:2-3

What is a Pastoral Council?

The pastoral council is group of parish members who advises and assists the pastor on practical matters of the parish life such as worship, education, spirituality, service, evangelization, etc. Embracing the Second Vatican Council’s vision and in accord with Canon Law, the Bishop of San Jose mandates that each parish, including the San Jose Chinese Catholic Mission, establishes a pastoral council. The council studies the matters brought to its attention by the pastor or the community, reflects on them thoroughly, evaluates them and draws sound conclusions. It then presents these conclusions to the pastor in the form of recommendations.


The SJCCM pastoral council consists of 6 to 8 members. Pastoral members must be parishioners of SJCCM. Each pastoral council serves two years (a term). A member can serve at most two consecutive terms.




Pastoral Council Members

Fr. Carlos Olivera

James Hua

Vivian Chu

Philip Luke

Damian Wang

Jeff Chen

Maria Hsiung

Wenlan Lu