Dear SJCCM Families,

Thank you for being part of SJCCM CM community. Although impacted by COVID-19, we as a big family are able to work together, in God’s grace, and carry on.

For CM school year 2020-2021, we have posted online registration form on SJCCM website. Please follow below link to register.

There are some changes for next school that I would like to bring to your attention:

  1. Online registration – Moving forward there is no need to print out and turn in any paper consent/signature pages. Everything is done online. One registration form per student.
  2. Tuition – CM tuition has been waived. Instead, we appreciate donation of any amount to our CM community through SJCCM Online Giving( If you new to online giving tool, you will need to create an account to donate.
  3. We are in the process of implementing “The Catechesis of Good Shepard” teaching into CM, and we will start with the first CGS class next school year. This CGS class is for children ages from 3 to 6, lead by Sarah Ku; Amy and Nacy will be assisting Sarah in the class as well.
  4. Due to shortage in teachers, we are combining 3rd and 4th graders in one class, and 6th to 8th graders in one class.
  5. On the registration form there is a new section of talent recruiting where we learn about your talents so we can better arrange class and school work for you accordingly.
  6. Calendar is being worked on and will be published soon. We are likely to kick off next school year with parent meeting(MANDATORY) on 9/13 followed by Catechetical Sunday/1st day of school on 9/20.

Teachers and Staff List for CM 2020-2021
DRE – Yvonne, Jessica Chang
Lead of PTA – Fannie Hungg
RICA Teacher – Hiring
CGS (ages 3~6) – Sarah, Amy, Nany
2nd (First Communion) – Joanne, Rainbow
3rd/4th Combo – Stella, Ricky
5th – Anne, Dan
Middle Schooler Combo – Judy, Michael
9th – Claire
10th – Becky
11/12th – Damian

Look forward to year 2020-2021 and seeing all of your soon!

God bless.

Jessica Chang