To celebrate Christmas during the pandemic this year, we would like to collect pictures of your Nativity Scene at home and make a slideshow for our Christmas party on 12/20. Please take picture(s) of the Nativity Scene(s) you have at home, and email to Joanne Chao at by 12/14/2020. Please include your names if you want to display it with the picture.

The nativity can be a set, ornament, or any other format (please see attached). If you do not have one yet, it worth to buy one or ask your children to draw a Nativity Scene picture to remember the year of 2020. The year we, like the Holy Family united and struggled through each difficult moment as a family, a holy family in our own way!

在今年的瘟疫期間慶祝耶誕節,我們想收集您家裡的聖誕馬槽的照片,製作成幻燈片,在12月20日彌撒後的聖誕慶祝中播放。 請拍攝您家裡的聖誕馬槽場景,將照片在12/14/2020之前電郵給Joanne Chao, 。如果願意在照片上顯示姓名,請提供姓名。

馬槽可以是一套的裝組或聖誕樹裝飾品或任何其他形式(請看附件)。如果您家還沒有一個馬槽,值得買一個或請您的孩子畫一幅聖誕馬槽場景,以記念2020年。 這一年,我們一家人如同聖家一樣,團結、奮鬥、跨越了每一個艱苦時刻,以我們自己的方式也成為一個聖家!

Contact 聯絡人: Joanne Chao and Yvonne Chow.