Process for SJCCM group leaders / event coordinators to reserve St. Clare facilities

  1. Only official leaders of the group leaders of the Mission can apply.
  2. First of all they need to confirm with the St. Clare online calendar that the desire facility is available: Currently St. Clare online calendar is closed.
  3. They will fill the online form including all the requested information
  4. For broad community events or when we are inviting guest speakers, like retreats or workshops, need to have a formal previous authorization from the Pastor of the Mission.
  5. When possible please always prefer to use “Parish venues” instead of “School rooms” (the process to reserve School rooms is more difficult and sensitive).
  6. Include time for setup and cleanup!
Code Name of the Venue Code Name of the Venue
CL Church Lower RG Rectory Garden
CLCR Church Lower Conf Room RK Rectory Kitchen
CU Church Upper RL Rectory Library
GR Grotto S1 Middle School Room 1
HK Hall Kitchen S2 Middle School Room 2
HM Hall Main S3 Middle School Room 3
HN Hall North S4 Middle School Room 4
PK St. Clare Park S5 Middle School Room 5
RC Rectory Chapel S6 Middle School Room 6
RCR Rectory Conf Room SM Primary School
RDR Rectory Dining Room