Nativity slide show for the Christmas party on 12/12/20

To celebrate Christmas during the pandemic this year, we would like to collect pictures of your Nativity Scene at home and make a slideshow for our Christmas party on 12/20. Please take picture(s) of the Nativity Scene(s) you have at home, and email to Joanne Chao at by 12/14/2020. Please include your names if you want to display it with the picture.

The nativity can be a set, ornament, or any other format (please see attached). If you do not have one yet, it worth to buy one or ask your children to draw a Nativity Scene picture to remember the year of 2020. The year we, like the Holy Family united and struggled through each difficult moment as a family, a holy family in our own way!

在今年的瘟疫期間慶祝耶誕節,我們想收集您家裡的聖誕馬槽的照片,製作成幻燈片,在12月20日彌撒後的聖誕慶祝中播放。 請拍攝您家裡的聖誕馬槽場景,將照片在12/14/2020之前電郵給Joanne Chao, 。如果願意在照片上顯示姓名,請提供姓名。

馬槽可以是一套的裝組或聖誕樹裝飾品或任何其他形式(請看附件)。如果您家還沒有一個馬槽,值得買一個或請您的孩子畫一幅聖誕馬槽場景,以記念2020年。 這一年,我們一家人如同聖家一樣,團結、奮鬥、跨越了每一個艱苦時刻,以我們自己的方式也成為一個聖家!

Contact 聯絡人: Joanne Chao and Yvonne Chow.

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主題: 迫害與殉道
神師 : 艾立勤神父
地點: Zoom 線上避靜
時間: 12/12/2020 (Sat.), 9:30am – 12:30pm
費用: 免費
報名: 1. 務請在此網上報名,one Zoom account per registration
2. 為了網路安全, 報名12/10截止後,將會電郵給您Zoom ID、Passcode 和連結
3. 請勿將 Zoom ID 和連結轉傳給其他人
聯絡人:吳興民 408-887-7888
楊彤芳 408-728-0627

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主題: Hope, Healing and Renew
講者:程明聰神父 葉素珍修女
時間: 星期四,十一月十二到星期六,十一月十四日


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11/01/2020 黑幼龍弟兄的信仰分享

10/18/2020 江嵩 faith Sharing

10/11/2020 Faith-sharing of Chen Huai Tai

10/04/2020 陳佳琳的信仰分享

09/13/2020 Guu and Jenny faith Sharing

09/06/2020 Alice 2nd sharing

08/29/2020 Lulu Testimony

08/23/2020 Larry Testimony

08/16/2020 Testimony of Tony and Vivian

08/09/2020 Testimony of Jeff

08/02/2020 Testimony of Jim

07/26/2020 Testimony of Charles

07/19/2020 Alice sharing – 我的通达信仰之路

07/12/2020 Testimony of Diana – Home of My Heart

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書籍會於12月尾運抵美加,現正開始接受預訂此書。售價每套$40 (另加郵費)。於2020年11月15日前訂購者,可獲晨鳥優惠價每套$35 (另加郵費). 如欲訂購書籍,請點擊此連結:


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Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County: Immigration Legal Services Team would like to invite community members to our *FREE* Drive-In Citizenship Application Assistance Workshop. This is a great opportunity for Legal Permanent Residents who are eligible to Naturalize to receive free legal assistance in order to apply for Citizenship in the United States.

Participants will have an opportunity to have their Citizenship application reviewed by either an Attorney or a Department of Justice Accredited Representative. A staff member will provide corrections, edits, guidance, and legal advice to those who are eligible. We will also provide mailing material so that the applicant can easily submit applications after corrections are made. Staff will determine if the applicant is eligible for a fee waiver, meaning that there is a possibility that the participant may not have to pay the $725 USCIS fee in order to naturalize.

Due to recent Covid-19 Guidelines, we have decided to change the method of how we conduct our workshops in order to maintain both staff and participants safe and healthy. Participants and staff will have minimal contact with each other by maintaining a safe distance and always having personal protection equipment equipped at all times.

*PLEASE NOTE* Participants must register due to a capacity of 30 applications per day. We will be continuing these types of workshops twice a month until the end of the year. If you have any further questions, please, do not hesitate to call (408)325-5296.

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Catholic Charities Volunteer Opportunity Information

A Message From Fr. Jon

The COVID crisis has placed tens of thousands of our neighbors in economic peril. Over 30,000 people depend on Catholic Charities for food each week, and of that number, 22,000 come to our parish locations each week.
As our economy opens up, many of our current volunteers are returning to work and thus, we will need new volunteers. Each food distribution sites requires at least 40 volunteers to run efficiently and safely with current social distancing protocols. Unprecedented numbers of people will need help signing up for public assistance and support in these next few months. While our food distribution relief work requires you to help “in-person”, much of our recovery work can be done from the safety and comfort of home!
Our baptismal call is for us to be the Church, not simply go to Church: We welcome you to invite your parishioners to participate in this incredibly rewarding ministry!
I look forward to working along side each of you in service to our neighbor. Let us love and serve the Lord together.
Fr. Jon Pedigo, STL
Director of Advocacy and Community Engagement
Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County

Volunteer Opportunities

Food Distribution Volunteers
Position include: registration, loading, traffic, leads
In order to volunteer you must be between the ages of 14 to 65
Volunteers Needed at the Following Parishes (Click on the Parish where you would like to volunteer to sign up):

Accompaniment Volunteers
Are you looking for a new experience?
Would you like to walk with someone who is struggling right now?
Are you looking to assist someone in a meaningful way during COVID-19 without leaving your home?

This position is geared towards those who are interested in mental health and service navigation. Our Accompaniment Volunteers provide deep emotional and social support to adult clients who have trauma histories and are facing current economic challenges.
Volunteers commit to following clients for a 3 month period (2 hours per week)during which clients and volunteers are mutually transformed through relationship building and service connection.
Our volunteers are supported by full time staff clinicians and through ongoing training and engagement.
This position can function in person or virtually, making it ideal for volunteers who may not be able to help outside of their house in light of COVID-19.
We are looking for Volunteers who speak Spanish, Vietnamese and English.
All volunteers must complete a 4 week training (one evening per week) and pass a Livescan background test and TB test.
Virtual Training will be provided on the following dates:

  • Thursday, July 2nd – Trauma and the Mind-Body Connection
  • Thursday, July 9th – ACE Scores and BLESS Method
  • Thursday, July 16th – Service Navigation
  • Thursday, July 23rd – Working With Clients

Each training will be from 5:30 – 7:00 pm and will be virtual.
If you missed the first session and our interested in volunteering please email Lynda DeManti

Referral Volunteers
This position is for those who are primarily interested in service navigation. Volunteers staff a phone hotline during hours that they pre-determine and schedule where community members can call and access quick references for help. This position can take place in person or virtually and is supported by full time staff and a tech platform that makes connecting people to services easy and fast. This position requires 2 – 3 hours of availability per week. All volunteers must complete a 2 hour training and pass a Livescan test and TB test. We can use volunteers who can speak Spanish, Vietnamese or English. If you are available to be one of our referral volunteers, please email Lynda DeManti


  • English/Spanish
  • English/Vietnamese

This position is for those who are bilingual in Spanish/ English and Vietnamese/English. These volunteers would provide translation for documentation and publications. Volunteers would need to be available for 4 hours per month. No background checks required If you can be one of our translators, please email our Volunteer Coordinator, Lynda DeManti

Sip and Sew Volunteers
Twice a month join other volunteers virtually while sewing masks together to support our volunteers at food distribution sites and other public venues. This position is entirely virtual. No background checks required. If you are interested in joining in this project, please email Lynda DeManti, our Volunteer Coordinator at

A Happy Ending…With Your Help
“Jane” is a 26 year old single Latina mother who is 2 months postpartum and a grad student at Santa Clara University studying Criminal Psychology. She is the main income earner for her mother, two younger sisters and new baby.
Jane initially contacted Catholic Charities asking for rent and utility assistance. But after talking on the phone, we learned she was also in need of hygiene products, diapers, wipes, and formula for her baby. Her mother had been admitted to the ICU earlier that morning and her two sisters were doing their best to help Jane but all three of them were overwhelmed. She only had 2 diapers left and a quarter of a can of formula. And there was only one loaf of bread left in the house. They had no money in their bank accounts. We immediately dispatched the Parish Engagement team.
Within 48 hours, the parishioners from Santa Teresa, guided by Lynda DeManti, had delivered 1,000 wipes, 6 boxes of diapers, a bassinet, a rocker, a swing, piles of clothing, hygiene products for Jane and baby, 4 Costco cans of formula, blankets, toys, and books. People sent money in the forms of gift cards and donations. Martha’s Kitchen granted Jane $1,000. A lactation consultant and other women offered to go through our Accompaniment training to be mother’s helpers to Jane. Another parishioner offered her a job at Target!
When we were able to surprise Jane with these gifts and good news, she was visibly overwhelmed. And this was the quote that stuck with our team the most: “I can’t wait to take a shower with my baby with soap.”
The poverty that our clients face every day is real. But so is the kindness of our parishioners. The way that the community responded to this call and bought the supplies, dropped them off at the Parish and offered to walk with a young woman they don’t know – but knew that they could support – this is true accompaniment in action. This is the work of Parish Engagement.

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