This CA COVID 19 Rent Relief Program is primarily for people who are financially impacted by COVID. For example, laid off, death in the family due to COVID, reduce work hours, etc.

For those who apply for this program, his or her household income cannot excess 80% of the median income.(please see link below)

The website below is for people who can apply on their own. It is not hard, and this website has many different language options.

Gather all the information/documents below to apply for rental/utilities assistance:

  1. Email address/Name and contact information
  2. Total Monthly Rent Owed (by month) since April 2020, if any
  3. Landlord/Property Manager Contact Info (only one form of contact required)
  4. Utility Bills, if utilities assistance requested
  5. Previous Assistance – how much, when, and from who?
  6. Income Information – i.e. 2020 tax return, W-2, 1099, 2 paystubs, assistance recertification letters, bank statements, etc. NOTE: Tenants can now certify to zero income or cash income without supporting documentation
  7. Proof of Identification, if utilities and income verification not provided
  8. Lease/Rental Contract, if Landlord is not applying

Both tenant and landlord are encouraged to apply.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you!

Best Regards,

Karen Chang
Emergency Rental Assistance – Application Assistance
Joint Departmental Operations Center
Office of Supportive Housing | County of Santa Clara
Direct Number: 669-288-9108