Cherishing CM 2019-2020 2nd grade memories

Dear SJCCM Families,

Thank you for being part of SJCCM CM community. Although impacted by COVID-19, we as a big family are able to work together, in God’s grace, and carry on.

For CM school year 2020-2021, we have posted online registration form on SJCCM website. Please follow below link to register.

There are some changes for next school that I would like to bring to your attention:

  1. Online registration – Moving forward there is no need to print out and turn in any paper consent/signature pages. Everything is done online. One registration form per student.
  2. Tuition – CM tuition has been waived. Instead, we appreciate donation of any amount to our CM community through SJCCM Online Giving( If you new to online giving tool, you will need to create an account to donate.
  3. We are in the process of implementing “The Catechesis of Good Shepard” teaching into CM, and we will start with the first CGS class next school year. This CGS class is for children ages from 3 to 6, lead by Sarah Ku; Amy and Nacy will be assisting Sarah in the class as well.
  4. Due to shortage in teachers, we are combining 3rd and 4th graders in one class, and 6th to 8th graders in one class.
  5. On the registration form there is a new section of talent recruiting where we learn about your talents so we can better arrange class and school work for you accordingly.
  6. Calendar is being worked on and will be published soon. We are likely to kick off next school year with parent meeting(MANDATORY) on 9/13 followed by Catechetical Sunday/1st day of school on 9/20.

Teachers and Staff List for CM 2020-2021
DRE – Yvonne, Jessica Chang
Lead of PTA – Fannie Hungg
RICA Teacher – Hiring
CGS (ages 3~6) – Sarah, Amy, Nany
2nd (First Communion) – Joanne, Rainbow
3rd/4th Combo – Stella, Ricky
5th – Anne, Dan
Middle Schooler Combo – Judy, Michael
9th – Claire
10th – Becky
11/12th – Damian

Look forward to year 2020-2021 and seeing all of your soon!

God bless.

Jessica Chang

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Damian, Becky, and Claire were so happy to bring seven of our high school 11th and 12th graders to LA Religious Education Congress. The trip went smoothly, and the students now have an increased bond of community with each other and the Catholic faith. Youth Day was exciting, the workshops were insightful, and the students were amazed at the magnitude and beauty of the liturgies.

Alan, Sarah, and Irene with the speaker Joe Melendrez, who had a Youth Day talk on music, scripture, and faith

LA Religious Education Congress 2020
At Disneyland

LA Religious Education Congress 2020null

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CM Registration

The new CM calendar year 2019 to 2020 registration starts on 3/17/2019.
Please register your student(s) in our website, under MINISTRIES (/cm/).

新的學年,2019-2020, 兒童要理班在3/17/2019開始接受網路報名。詳細資料請家長看 的網站說明 (/catechetical-ministry/)。

CM Coordinator: Jessica Wang( *******)

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Photographers :Lorien, Stella, Caroline Wong, Joanne

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CM Registration

The new CM calendar year 2018 to 2019 registration starts on 4/8/2018.
Please register your student(s) in our website, under MINISTRIES (/cm/).
Early registration ends on 6/3/2018, after that the fee will increase $20 for each student.

新的學年,2018-2019, 兒童要理班在4/8/2018開始接受網路報名。6月3日優惠報名截止,以後報名者,費用將增加20元,詳細資料請家長看 的網站說明 (/catechetical-ministry/)。

CM Coordinator: Jessica Wang( *******)

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The Field Trip
Today we went on a field trip. The field trip was fun. We went to
a church at Mission Carmel and Dennis the Menace Park. We all had a
great day. We also said some prayers. We did Gospel trivia. We got
prizes and snacks. It was a totally great and amazing day.
By: Jacqueline Savage (age 7)

CM field trip
The Mt. Carmel trip was amazing. 11/10. From the Chapel to the bus games. We learned about St. Junipero Serra and how he established the Misson. And other things too. Can’t wait to see where we go next year!!
By: Sofia age 12

The trip to Carmel Mission
The trip to Carmel Mission was fun. We rode on a bus, my favorite part was when we did games like telephone , 20 questions. when we got there, Joanne gave a scavenger hunt page, we only found 15 of them .Then, we got back to the bus and went to a park, there we had lunch. There were sandwiches, chips , and grapes. Then we went to the bus and went back to the parking lot.
By: Jaden Chen(CM1)

Mission Carmel
This past Saturday, my mom and I attended the CM field trip to visit Mission Carmel. Mission Carmel was the second Mission founded by St. Junipero Serra. At first, I didn’t really feel like going. Last year in fourth grade I had already learned about and visited other Missions. But it actually turned out to be a better day trip than I thought!

Mission Carmel was beautiful, from all the statues, the gardens, the courtyard, and the Church itself. My mom prepared a scavenger hunt game to keep us occupied. It wasn’t hard to find the objects at first, but later on it started to get real challenging. All the kids were running around trying to be the first to finish. I partnered with my friend Rachel. Even though my heart raced and my legs ached I didn’t care, I was having fun. Later on we to a park for lunch. It had one of the biggest playgrounds I have ever seen in my life! The food was also amazing. We had vietnamese sandwiches with chips and fruit. Thanks to the adults who prepared it all. All of the kids played a round of hide and go seek. After everything we hopped in the bus and went bye bye to the awesome playground. On the way back we played lots of fun games such as telephone and mission trivia. I got to say the prizes were not bad!

Overall it was a great way to spend a Saturday, I am grateful for all the teachers for planning this trip, and to God for giving us such beautiful weather.
By: Marissa Chao

The wonders of Mission Carmel
This trip was an awesome experience and I think that anyone would enjoy seeing the wonders of Mission Carmel. It doesn’t matter if you are young or weary, if you are a boy or a girl. It doesn’t matter if you are or aren’t Christian. You can still enjoy this experience. It is a nice way for all the grownups to make the kids put down their phones and tablets and see the true meaning of the beauty of the world that christ has given us.
By: Benjamin Ching

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Photographer: Jessica Wang, Stella Yang, Fr. Olivera

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Photographer 攝影: 歐神父

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The new CM calendar year 2017 to 2018 registration starts on 4/2/2017.
Please register your student(s) in our website, under MINISTRIES.
Early registration end on 5/21/2017, after that the fee will have $20 increase for each student. Please go to for registration details.

新的學年,2017-2018, 兒童要理班即將在4/2/2017開始接受網路報名。
5月21日優惠報名截止,以後報名者,費用將增加20元,詳細資料請家長看 的網站說明。謝謝!

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