Rosemary and Chris’s Sharing After Visiting the Pope

Dear Bishop, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, Family, and Friends,

Chris and I returned from our Honeymoon to Rome in December, luckily before the major Omicron breakout! We wanted to share a few photos and the story of our pilgrimage to visit Papa Francisco.

Before Chris even proposed to me all the way back in 2019, I already researched how to receive tickets for the Sposi Novelli audience because I was trying to convince Aaron and Connie (my brother & sister-in-law) to go as newlyweds. From there, I got in touch with the sisters at the Pontifical University in Rome, and that’s how I was able to reserve tickets for December of 2021 after Chris and I got engaged.

I had a bit of experience traveling to Rome for the Pope’s General Audience, because my mom (Margarita) took me and my brother to visit St. John Paul II in the year 2000 for the Jubilee Pilgrimage. At that time, the crowd was so packed that my mom actually put leashes on my brother and my wrists to keep track of us! I was only 8 years old at the time.

So, as I started planning our visit with Pope Francis, I made a plan with Chris to wake up at 4am and stand in-line at St. Peter’s Basilica by 5:30, no later than 6am. Of course, Chris didn’t think twice about my plan (although he may have thought I was crazy inside his head) and we stuck to the plan!

I thought the crowds and security lines would be just as I remembered… and I was definitely 100% mistaken 😂. The crowds were very small as it was freezing cold, and of course, because of COVID restrictions requiring strict testing protocols. We waited outside until around 7:30am when the guards let us in, and we proceeded to sit in the first chair, in the first row, right in front of Pope Francis as he gave his general lecture.

After the audience, he visited with nearly 40 – 45 people before coming over to the Sposi Novelli line. When he came to see us, I had my talking points written in bullet points, and started speaking to him. He was so shocked to hear me speaking Spanish, that he kept responding to Chris in Spanish and I had to say: “he doesn’t understand what you’re saying, I can speak Spanish but he can’t!” and he kept saying to Chris “but she’s Chinese! I was expecting her to speak Chinese. She’s pretty good!” hahaha

That is the moment captured in the photos below.

After that exchange where he was laughing with us, he gave us a short blessing, and had to move on. I was a bit sad because I realized the bulk of our exchange was him laughing and being shocked at my ability to speak Spanish. I thought we would have a more profound talk, but we ran out of time so quickly!

Afterwards, Rome Reports did an TV interview with us (article & video here) and we walked away feeling incredibly blessed to be able to share our story more broadly.

Reflecting back on our brief exchange with Pope Francis, I think we were incredibly lucky to have had a meaningful (albeit brief) exchange. We were the only couple that Pope Francis actually spoke with, and it was a deeply human, funny, shocking, and meaningful interaction. We feel so blessed to have been in his presence and received a blessing from him!

Hope this story brought a smile to your day,
Rosemary & Chris

Rosemary and Chris's Sharing After Visiting the Pope 1

Rosemary and Chris's Sharing After Visiting the Pope 2

Rosemary and Chris's Sharing After Visiting the Pope 3

Rosemary and Chris's Sharing After Visiting the Pope 4

Rosemary and Chris's Sharing After Visiting the Pope 5

Rosemary and Chris's Sharing After Visiting the Pope 6

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避靜 Retreat Powerpoint

(Powerpoint might take a moment to load up. Thanks for being patient.)

天主之母在法蒂瑪和日本秋田呼籲祈禱、悔改和補贖,並警告如果世界不悔改, 它和教會將遭受一個很大的懲罰。教會未能遵循天主之母的信息,導致國家和教會的很大懲罰:中國天主教會自從共產黨控制中國至今的的苦難,以及美國天主教會內對祈禱和悔改的失敗,導致了「俄羅斯錯誤的傳播」馬克思主義的文化。我們如何安排我們的生活,更完美地遵循天主之母在法蒂瑪和秋田的訊息。

神師 : 耶穌會艾立勤神父 (Rev. Lou Aldrich SJ)
主題 : 天主之母在法蒂瑪和日本秋田的呼籲
地點/方式 : Zoom 在家線上避靜。
日期 : 11/20/2021
時間 : 10:00am – 4:00pm (包括四次20-30分鐘個人靜默祈禱時間和一次午休時間)
避靜費用: 免費,歡迎自由奉獻
1. 11/17 報名截止。必需在網路上報名
2. 如果沒收立即受到報名確認電郵,請查看Spam Emails (垃圾郵件)。
3. 為了網路安全,避靜的 Zoom ID、Passcode 以及連結將在11/19 以前電郵寄給您。

如果您選擇 Zoom 線上避靜,請在避靜前確認下面幾件事
1. 您用的電子設備 (laptop, iPad, or smart phone) 已安裝 Zoom App
2. 您的Zoom 帳號是以您的名字作為 Display Name
3. 熟悉 Zoom 的基本操作:開啟及關閉麥克風和攝影機
4. 為了網路安全,請勿將避靜的 Zoom ID 和連結轉傳給其他人
5. 如果您的家人,親友希望用自己的電子設備參加避靜,請他們分別報名

1. 吳興民 (
2. 楊彤芳 (


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Pentecost & Baptism Mass Photos 2021

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Confirmation Mass Photos 05/22/2021

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First Community Mass Photos 2021

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為SJCCM 團體服務、來訪過的神父、修女們:

陶雅谷神父、馬愛德神父、龔品梅樞機、單國璽樞機、朱蒙泉神父、王楚華神父、蔡石芳神父、徐英發主教、王敬弘神父、李哲修神父、黃德寬神父、謝為霖神父、黃華全神父、沈鶴璉神父、張宇恭神父、趟一舟神父、張春申神父、潘大年神父、萬立民神父、牧育才神父、Bishop Pierre DuMaine、 Fr. Benedict Groeschel。

歐維禮神父、顧光中蒙席、狄剛總主教、汪中璋主教、曾慶導神父、甘國棟神父、朱恩榮神父、劉家正神父、胡國禛神父、孫柔遠神父、詹德隆神父、艾力勤神父、滿而溢神父、林思川神父、程若石神父、沈德中神父、饒志成神父、穆宏志神父、陸達誠神父、弘宣天神父、韓大輝總主教、翟林湧神父、高豪神父、姜有國神父、鄒保祿神父、吳智勲神父、丁松青神父、趙儀文神父、馬爾定神父、鍾子月神父、徐明德神父、劉洪昌神父、蕭見忠神父、徐豐神父、王澤神父、Bishop Patrick McGrath、 Bishop Oscar Cantu、Msgr. Fran Cilia、Fr. Joe Specht、Fr. Paul Mariani、Fr Gregory Kim、Fr. John Martin、Fr. Rick Rodoni, Fr. Francis Kalaw。


1st group: 已故之樞機、主教、神父們 as of 4/25/2021
2nd group: 仍健在之主教、蒙席、神父們
3rd group: 修女們

– 陶神父(1983~1993)
– 顧神父(1993~2008)
– 歐神父 (2008~)
馬愛德神父:幫助我們成立SJCCC (SJCCM 前身)


This is the least we can do to remember all the great shepherds and sisters that have been with SJCCM.

For all the graces and angels on earth, 感謝、讚美天主。


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